Wave Studios, Amsterdam

Globally acclaimed Wave Studios underwent an upgrade in their Amsterdam facility to Theatres 1 and 2.

With an eye on upcycling their current Euphonix System 5 consoles, they looked to Frozen Fish Design’s Hybrid Integration System (HIS) to incorporate the Avid S6 control surface into the Euphonix system 5 console.

Wave were the first European facility to install the Euphonix System 5/Avid A6 hybrid system. Alex Nicholas-Lee and technical manager, Ashley Smith, took four 8-fader, 5 knob buckets with custom screens and two newly-designed S6 hybrid MC Pro inserts to realise their ambition of undergoing a full upgrade for their two studios.

Client: Wave Studios. Amsterdam
Industry: Mixing Console Customisation
Products: HIS for the Euphonix System 5/Avid S6
Ranges: FFDBlend