Twickenham Foley Studio

We return to create a custom workstation for Theatre 3.

Twickenham Studio were so thrilled with our improvements for theatres 1 and 2, they called us back to design a custom workstation for theatre 3 – a newly upgraded Foley & ADR studio.

A key element of the brief was to seamlessly integrate working areas and control surfaces, fully accommodating a Neve PS1 mixing console.

Again we were involved at every stage of the process – including concept drawings, renders, design, manufacture, delivery and final installation.

We created multi-positional screens, cable management systems and rack-mounted hardware and finished the workstation with real wood laminate and a thermoformed solid surface edging featuring a continuous upholstered bumper.

Twickenham Studios
Industry: Audio Post-production
Skills: Hybrid basket system integration design and installation