Teletubbies Series 2

Back on board for series 2 of the ever-popular Teletubbies.

This season, the Teletubbies ride in their Tubby Car, go round and round on the Tubby Spinny, up and down on the Tubby Uppy Downy and ‘Whoosh’ down the Tubby Slidey.

Built to full-size, these giant props and vehicles were custom made to house the sizable Teletubbies during filming. With flashing LED lights, revolving trumpets and a giant ball pit, watch the Teletubbies have lots of fun.

Thanks again to Darrall Macqueen for the chance to be involved in this much-loved children’s TV show.

Watch Teletubbies on BBC iPlayer

Client: Darrall Macqueen
Industry: Children’s TV
Skills: Design engineering, pre-visualisation, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, electromechanical engineering, prop making, hi-end paint finishes and control systems.
Director: Jack Jameson

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