All aboard the Custard Ride: The reimagined Teletubbies get some fun new props.

The world-famous Teletubbies have enchanted children since Anne Woods first created them in 1997. When it came time to reboot and reimagine the iconic TV series, Darrall MacQueen’s Production Designer, Ant Howells called us.

We got to work pre-visualising and creating all key props for Series One, including memorable pieces such as the Tubby Custard Ride, rotating Tubby Table and Cups, the Tubby Toaster and the Teletubbies’ phone.

We engineered the Tubby Custard Ride to be fully drivable, adding spinning wheels, rotating trumpets, flashing LEDs and a specially formulated pink custard that squirts out of a trumpet on demand.

To cater for the size of the Teletubbies we had to make sure they could ride the custard train safely, so we created a four-part carriage with soft upholstered spinning chairs and lights.

We also added a wide array of ‘custard-effects’ that squirt and splat. And we made the rigs that expelled the custard, too.

Big thanks to Darrall MacQueen for the chance working on such a fun project.

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: Darrall MacQueen
Industry: Children’s TV
Skills: Design engineering, pre-visualisation, 3D printing, CNC machining, electro-mechanical engineering, prop making, high-end paint finishes and control systems
Director: Jack Jameson
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