Skywalker Sound

The Academy Award winning Skywalker Sound is one of the world’s most innovative facilities offering sound design, mixing and audio post production.

After they upgraded their AMS Neve DFC Gemini consoles to DFC 3 3D, they approached Frozen Fish Design to use thier innovative Hybrid Intergration System (HIS) to further upgrade their studios.

Frozen Fish Design worked with Steve Morris and Scott Levine to supply them with 12 hybrid 16-fader and 8-fader buckets to integrate Avid S6 consoles into their AMS Neve DFC Gemini system thereby providing them with complete flexibility between the DFC and the S6 across all eight studios at Skywalker Sound.

“The current baskets are performing wonderfully!”
Scott Levine, Skywalker Sound.

Client: Skywalker Sound
Based: Nicasio, California
Industry: Mixing Console Customisation
Products: HIS for AMS Neve DFC 3/Avid S6
Ranges: FFDBlend