Make The Future

We recently worked with Shell to make a series of interactive exhibits for the ‘Make The Future’ event in London. Each exhibition explained the concepts behind different methods of energy production in a fun and interactive way.


A multi-sensory interactive that invites the user to brush their hands over the flexible illuminated acrylic rods triggering an audio and visual lighting experience designed to symbolise the ecological properties and benefits of biofuel technology.


A task based interactive that invites the user to collect and load hydrogen particles on to a conveyor belt then mechanically feed the particles into a hopper for conversion to power to enable the car to move around a track. Through this interaction, the user learns how the production and conversion of hydrogen can be harnessed to power a car.

Reducing Friction

By operating the turn handle the user can contrast and compare the difference in levels of friction during the operation of the piston by opting to switch between Dynalfex assisted or non-assisted settings. Through play the interactive demonstrates the benefits of using the new Shell V-Power Unleaded fuel with its Dynaflex technology containing friction reducing molecules.

Cleaning The Fuel Injector

Demonstrating the cleaning properties of the Dynaflex technology molecules. The user is tasked with using a magnetic collection device that represents the cleaning molecule to physically pick out and set aside the rust molecules from the fuel which is represented by water.

Client: Shell
Production: Imagination
Industry: Experiential installations
Skills: Design engineering, electromechanical engineering, fabrication and precision engineering.