How to Interact with Holograms.
We engineered a tour-able holographic display for Beagle media.

Designed for events, marketing suites, video conferencing and retail spaces, Holo is a gesture-controlled hologram player using Pepper’s Ghost technology to project 3D interactive holographic content into a clear diamond structure.

Engineered with collapsible components so it can be easily transported, the half-silvered glass pyramid structure into which Holo is projected was based on an original concept by Conran and Partners, which we then designed to manufacture.

Holo users can interact with and navigate the moving animation by waving their arms to trigger motion gesture controls creating an interactive experience that firmly embeds our client’s brand top of mind.

Client: Beagle Media/Conran and Partners
Production: Engage Works
Industry: Experiential Installation
Skills: Design engineering, steel fabrication, paint finishes, assembly and installation.