Goldcrest Films

Next Gen Post Console Design.
We worked with Goldcrest Films to help build a state-of-the-art dubbing theatre.

They approached us to design a console for their latest – and largest – Dolby Atmos dubbing theatre in London.

From concept drawings to renders, design to prototyping, manufacture to installation, the final result addresses Goldcrest’s postproduction needs, today and tomorrow.

We developed an array of innovative products, including a hybrid console with producer desks to house both Neve DFC and Avid S6 control surfaces. The resulting innovative system incorporates interchangeable baskets to house equipment for both surfaces.

We also designed a range of enhancements and accessories, such as mutli-positional sliding screen mechanisms, cable management systems, bespoke producer desks and movable mouse and keyboard trays, to make the postproduction process as seamless as possible.

Goldcrest Films
Industry: Audio Post-production
Skills: Hybrid basket system integration design and installation