Clydesdale Bank

Soaring into the Stratosphere: Our spaceship has Clydesdale Bank over the moon.

To promote ‘B’, its latest digital banking app, Clydesdale Bank commissioned a commercial demonstrating how the product helps customers managing their finances.

Adopting a Bugsy Malone-style approach, the commercial’s premise is that we’re not born worrying about money. The ad’s fun, kid-centric style sees children playing the parts of madcap cops or fairies in a magical far-off land.

But when it came to including spaceships in the prop design, Production Designer, Joel Collins, asked us to get involved.

Our experienced engineers took his initial concepts and translated them into designs for manufacture, including the rigging used to fly the spaceships featured in the ad.

We then sent our CAD design to the 3D printer, after which our model makers used their hand-painting skills to make it look extraordinary.

Client: Clydesdale Bank
Industry: Commercial
Skills: 3D printing, model making, foiling, finishing and painting
Director: Chris Palmer

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