Bloomberg City Airport

Keeping London City Airport Passengers Connected.
We create a huge media wall for LCY’s Bloomberg Hub.

When London City Airport planned the launch of its Bloomberg Hub, the production team at Engage Works asked us to design and install a custom double-sided media wall to deliver a unique, technology-driven passenger experience.

Created from twelve 55-inch Ultra HD 4K screens on one side and a seamless, backlit LED graphic light box on the other, the 7.2m x 3.1m media wall provides up-to-the-minute news headlines and financial data, as well as travel-specific information such as world weather and time zones configured daily to flight destinations.

In addition to delivering an information hub for passengers, we structurally engineered the media wall to withstand crowds should there be an airport fire or evacuation, as per fire regulations.

First Bloomberg Hub Now Open for Better Business Travel

Production: Engage Works
Industry: Audio Visual Display Solutions
Skills: Technical design, metal fabrication, welding, installation

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