20th Century Fox

Located in the heart of Century City, 20thCentury Fox Studios is Hollywood’s state-of-the-art facility, engineering the sound for such films as Deadpool, La La Land, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Mummy. As part of an extensive upgrade to their three dubbing theatres, Howard Hawkes, John Ford and Robert Wise, FFD were asked to integrate the DFC with the Aivd S6 and supply accessories across all three stages.

Using FFD’s Hybrid Integration System, they converted two 16-channel and one 24-channel DFC baskets to house the 7ft, 9-knob Avid S6 control surface. Custom panels were made to integrate the keyboard and trackball or mouse. All this was provided with a set of DFC legs and beams for each of the three dubbing theatres.

As well as working to a tight deadline, FFD supplied the hassle-free, self-assembly components for a smooth installation by the team of technicians at Fox Audio Services.

Client: 20th Century Fox
Based: California, LA
Industry: Mixing Console Customisation
Products: HIS for the DFC/Avid S6, DFC legs and beams and panel for keyboard and trackball
Ranges: FFDBlend, FFDPlus, FFDFurniture