Mixing console technology has become a highly-specialised area of sound science. At Frozen Fish Design we’ve responded by innovating a hybrid system to integrate the Avid S6 modules into AMS Neve DFCs and the Euphonix System 5 consoles. In addition we have developed unique mixing console accessories, enhancements and technical furniture for music recording and film post-production facilities. Our products greatly improve the work-flow experience for producers, sound engineers and editors, whilst offering studios greater flexibility in the mix.

Mixing Console Solutions
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Products and Services

Frozen Fish Design works with industry partners, including AMS Neve and Avid, to tailor-make enhancements that complement their hardware specifications. We can work with any facility or console manufacturer to integrate any combination of console and control surface. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • Innovative product design with a full fitting service.
  • A unique range of bolt-on products to retrofit any studio.
  • Your studio designed from scratch integrating Frozen Fish Design products and enhancements.
  • Integrate multiple equipment brands into a seamless, hybrid system
  • A custom design and engineering service to create new products to meet your studio’s exact needs
  • A dedicated partner to work closely with you from concept to fully functioning studio.








Mixing Console Overview

Hybrid Console Integration System
Avid S6 Module Enclosure
Mouse & Keyboard Platform
Accessory Shelf
Custom Desk Extensions
Screen Slider
AVID S6 Neve DFC Integration

1. Hybrid Console Integration System

We’ve adapted an 8, 16 or 24 fader Neve DFC basket to accept the Avid S6 modules, providing seamless control between console surfaces that greatly improves the mix environment’s aesthetics and ergonomics.

Avid S6 Module Enclosure

2. Avid S6 Module Enclosure

Allows for any S6 modules to be removed from the console surface and placed on a desktop, providing more space for faders or new modules.


3. Mouse & Keyboard Platform

Our modification to the Neve DFC bumpers offers a platform that can support a mouse, keyboard, tablet or notebook. It can be positioned anywhere along the console.

Accessory platform

4. Accessory Shelf

Clips over the meter bridge of the Neve DFC to provide a level platform for any hardware to sit on.

Side desk 2

5. Custom Desk Extensions

We can create extended work areas in a range of finishes to continue the profile of any make of console utilising the same leg design for a seamless appearance. Desks can also house basic cable management systems, outboard gear, studio tie-lines and KVM receiver units.

Neve 88rs slider front

6. Screen Slider

A sliding mechanism bolts to the Neve DFC or 88RS main chassis providing flexible positioning of screens from the mix position.  A removable cover hides the sliding mechanism and cable trunk. The screen arms can be unlocked, swivelled and discretely hidden behind the meter bridge when not in use.

Other Console Enhancements

Neve 88rs static back

Static Screen Mount

An enclosure fixes to existing holes on the Neve 88R to allow a screen to be positioned anywhere the screen arm reach will allow.


Avid S6 Legs and support Frame

Specially engineered legs, frames and screen arm supports have been designed for the Avid S6.


Avid S6 Mouse & Keyboard panel

Centre section integrated panel for greater control over the mix.


Avid S6 Xkey Midi Keyboard panel

Centre section integration for the Xkey.


Avid S6 Custom Desk Extensions

Extended work areas in a range of finishes to continue the profile of the S6, utilizing our leg design.

The 3 steps to install customised mixing desks


1. Plan

Scope project

2. Design

Technical drawing and renders for approval


3. Delivery


Custom-Made Solutions

For clients who want a more customised solution to their studio’s needs we offer a product development service to design and engineer products to your specifications. Our highly-qualified team of CAD designers, engineers, creatives and workshop craftsmen work closely with clients from concept solutions to final installation. We understand the needs of the film and music mixing process and how to create enhancements that will transform the mixing experience.

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